Stephen Kirk   

Satan as Barack Obama

Satan as Barack Obama
by Stephen Kirk

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This book presents powerfully documented vignettes to the key end times questions of "Who is the Anti-Christ?, What does the 666 mean? What about America?" No other book provides the scriptural proof texting direct from the Greek and Hebrew to confirm that Obama is the Anti-Christ, the 666 represents the mindset of Socialism, and America is doomed to a nuclear holocaust. Luke 10:18 records Jesus stating "I beheld Satan as lightning..." which translates to "Satan as Barack..." in Hebrew. Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Christ, did so in a socialist rage against the inequalities of life and Jesus's acceptance of poverty. Finally, Isaiah chapter 18 describes the massive destruction of a nation matching the unique characteristics of the USA on 16 different points all ending with the bringing of "THE SHE" gift, the Bride of Christ, the Church to heaven.