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Satan as Barack Obama


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I welcome you to this website as a fellow messenger called to proclaim this end times mystery revealed!

About the book, Satan as Barack Obama This book presents powerfully documented vignettes to the key end times questions of "Who is the Anti-Christ?, What does the 666 mean? What about America?" No other book provides the scriptural proof texting direct from the Greek and Hebrew to confirm that Obama is the Anti-Christ, the 666 represents the mindset of Socialism, and America is doomed to a nuclear holocaust. Luke 10:18 records Jesus stating "I beheld Satan as lightning..." which translates to "Satan as Barack..." in Hebrew. Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Christ, did so in a socialist rage against the inequalities of life and Jesus's acceptance of poverty. Finally, Isaiah chapter 18 describes the massive destruction of a nation matching the unique characteristics of the USA on 16 different points all ending with the bringing of "THE SHE" gift, the Bride of Christ, the Church to heaven.

About the Author
Stephen Kirk is an engineering consultant of 25+ years experience in the Oil & Gas industry and a graduate student in Biblical languages and Christian Apologetics.

At the age of 12 I accepted Christ as my Savior. The critical moment occurred during the hot, humid days of a June vacation Bible school in a small southern town. As the pastor over the previous weeks and months proclaimed the heart-wrenching sacrifice that Christ had made for me and all of His family I reached the point of casting off that demonic lie of "what will others say when you admit you are a sinner". I believe that moment shaped my character from that day forward such that to this day I am not haunted by such voices of fear and concealing darkness. I am called therefore to announce those things that are publicly unpopular.

I believe if I had refused to choose Christ at that young age I too would have become just another naysayer and cynic jeering those who would step out for God and truth. My favorite saint of the Bible is Stephen who testified even to the point of martyrdom. (Acts 6:5- 8:1)